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We are a group of grassroots organizations commmitted to increasing the turnout of registered voters in Duval County's Local Election in 2023.

Why Vote Local?


Our Communities Depends On It

When more people vote locally, we have a better chance of key issues concerning our communities will be heard and effectively managed by people who truly understand our concerns.


It Creates Substantive Change

Voting in local elections has the most impact on your daily life. From recycling to policing to parks to streetlights, local elected officials make decisions every day that influence your quality of life. 


Our Elected Officials Work for Us

All elected officials are public servants who work for the community. Even if we did not vote for them, they still work for us. Our vote, and other forms of civic engagement, are tools that help keep them accountable. 

Three Ways to Get Involved

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Arms Raised in Huddle

Join the Collaborative

Would you like have materials available at your events? Want your logo listed below in support of this effort? Then click the image above to let us know!

Press conference

Public Service Announcements

Do you want to help us get the word out about voting? Do you have a compelling story about why people should vote? Click the image above to become part of the multimedia campaign to get more people voting!

Neat Storage Boxes


If you're interesting in donating your time, talent, and/or treasure to support the multimedia campaign, click the image above!

Ongoing Civic Engagement

Voting is just ONE way to get civically involved. Check out some other ways to stay connected to local government!

1 / Attend City Council Meetings

City Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month starting at 5PM. You can also attend their committee meetings. Click here for the calendar of events. Council meetings can also be viewed virtually.

2 / Attend Duval County School Board Meetings

School Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 6PM. These meetings can also be viewed on television or online. Click here for the calendar of events. 

3 / Sign Up to Serve on City Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions serve an advisory role, providing advice, research and residents' perspectives to the Mayor and City Council. Click here to view opportunities to serve.

4 / Attend CPAC Meetings

Citizens Planning Advisory Committees (CPACs) divide the city's 200+ neighborhoods are divided into six planning districts that is intended to maintain communication between Jacksonville residents, businesses, neighborhoods, community organizations, educational institutions and city government. Click here to find your CPAC and serve

5 / Show Up for Jury Duty

Jury Duty is intended to be a safeguard against abuse of power in local, state, and federal government by giving those who encounter the criminals justice system a chance to be heard by a group of their peers. Click here to learn how to serve if selected.

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